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RV Roof Leaking?

RV Roof Repair

Tired of having to caulk or roll-on on gunk to keep your roof from leaking? Spray America Coatings specializes in RV roof repair.  We have a Lifetime roof coating that will let you relax and never have to worry about it again. Our lifetime coating is sprayed on 187 mils thick and is 3 times thicker than any other options in the industry.

RV Roof Coating-3X Thicker Than Industry Standard

The typical RV roof materials such as EPDM rubber, TPO, and fiberglass are 30-60 mils thick. Our roof coating is sprayed with 187 mils polyuera (similar to what you will see in a truck Bedliner) and is hail proof and puncture-proof. We offer a variety of different colors. Typically we can have a roof done in 3-4 business days.
RV roof Coating

RV Roofing Repair Coatings FAQ

Your spray coated roof doesn’t require any special maintenance to keep your RV in great shape or keep your warranty in effect. No need to caulk your roof or apply special cleaners or conditioners on your polyurea-coated roof
You can use any kind of household cleaner you want. Our polyurea coating has an extremely high chemical resistance and is not affected by cleaners or bleach. It is designed to be “self cleaning” which means most everyday dust and dirt wash off when it rains. It is non porous so it resists stains and mildew as well.
Our spray coating is designed to remove all the caulking joints and seams in your RV roof. You no longer have any exposed screws or joints to caulk. The chemical bond removes the need for caulking.
When we spray your RV roof, we replace all your vent pipes and lids, refrigerator base and lids, standard vent lids, install new Camco vent covers and new a/c gaskets. Your new bases are sealed in under the product so they will last as long as the roof. If you ever need to replace something or add something on your RV roof, we can remove the component, install a new one and respray just that area that was cut through. If you are somewhere else at the time, grind or cut through the coating to get the part out, replace it and caulk it until you can get back to a Spray America Coatings facility.
Our polyurea spray is three times thicker than most spray on coatings. This makes it extremely tough and durable for any environment you’re in. With over 3500 PSI tear strength, our spray coating will never puncture or tear.
Yes we do! All of our spray coating services come with a lifetime warranty!
Most RV roof coatings take 2-3 days to complete if it does not need any repairs or other work done.

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