Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Coating

green coating on commercial truck and heavy equipment

Commercial Vehicle Coating Keeps Your Fleet on the Road Longer

A commercial vehicle protected with a Spray  coating stays on the road longer. Our advanced technology spray-on polyurethane protectant guards vehicles and cargo from costly damage, while also providing important safety benefits. Protect your beds, bumpers, toolboxs, Van floors and walls, and much more.

Protect Your Cargo

Turns, hills and quick stops can all lead to dangerous cargo shifting, which can cause skids and potential accidents, increasing the potential for operator injury. At the least, this can potentially damage important cargo. Having a non-slip footing during loading and unloading is essential – and big rig flooring coated with a Spray America coating helps to improve overall safety and avoid accidents from falls by work crew. Especially favorable in wet conditions, Spray America’s water tight sealant prevents rust and corrosion, extending the life of your valuable equipment. Our coating adheres to most any surface and will provide a lifetime of superior protection and safety to most any application.

Commercial Fleet Coating Customers

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