Preparing Your RV For A Road Trip

Preparing Your RV For A Road Trip

Admittedly, buying an RV involves a significant investment of financial resources. If you are like so many other RV owners, you made that investment so you and your family can travel the country and see what it has to offer.

As an RV owner and operator, there are specific rules of the road that you should be following. One of the most essential rules you should be ready to focus on is ensuring your RV is always ready for a road trip. Why? Well, there are two reasons.

First, nothing will spoil an exciting road trip faster than problems that put you on the sidelines. Second, any issues that might arise are very likely to be financially costly out on the road.

Assuming you are preparing for your first RV road trip, you might find some tips about preparing for such a trip to be useful. With that in mind, here are a few things in preparing your RV for a road trip you can do to help ensure a trouble-free vacation.

Securing the Roof

Your RV roof is just as important as the roof of your home. It has to be in good shape to protect you and the RV from the elements. That’s vital in terms of preventing damage to the inside of the RV.

Given the potential costs of an RV roof repair, your first road trip prep task should be a roof inspection. You’ll want to be on the prowl for any potential problems that could lead to bigger problems, something you don’t need on the road.

If you don’t know yet, you need to know now. An RV roof repair is going to be less expensive around the home where you can shop and compare prices. On the road, an RV roof repair shop will have you over a barrel in a pinch.

As a top priority, check the roof RV coating for any holes or cracks. If there is any potential for the roof RV coating to be compromised, you should consider getting protection. You can do that with a spray RV roof coating, provided by a professional.

This might also be something worth considering as a preventative measure. Nothing wrong with addressing periodic roof repair and maintenance needs on an interim basis.

Pack Light

One of the most common errors RV owners make when packing for a road trip is packing too much. Doing so has the potential for creating several different problems.

First, there is only so much room for clothing, supplies, and recreational items in, on, and around the RV. Having to traverse clutter can take some out of the enjoyment of a trip. You need to remember, what gets packed has to get unpacked.

Second, items that are larger and have more density take up a lot more room in the RV. It’s a far better idea to pack smaller and softer items that are easier to move and pack. That leaves more room for occupants like you and your family to move about.

Finally, it’s impossible to ignore the reality of gas prices here in late 2022. The heavier your load, the higher your fuel costs are going to be. Save your money for sightseeing.

Secure Travel Insurance

It’s understandable that people tend to shy away from purchasing insurance. They will typically do this in the belief that nothing could possibly go wrong. In life, things always go wrong when you least expect things to go wrong.

For your RV road trip, travel insurance should be considered a must. It protects you on two levels. First, it can help cover the costs related to unexpected services or repairs like RV roof repair. Having travel insurance can add up to significant savings should you have engine issues or RV body damage.

Second, it will help cover the cost of stolen or damaged items. On the road, you are exposed to areas with which you are not familiar. That opens you up to having your property stolen in bad areas. It also protects you from damage to items that might be caused by common mishaps or weather issues.

Minimize the Use of Electronic Devices

Old habits are hard to break. If your family is like most families, everyone is probably too heavily reliant on their electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). It’s worth noting that your energy resources are going to be limited whether you are using solar energy or a generator. It might be a good idea to limit some of the electronic usage in favor of being able to cook and heat the RV’s water supply.

Final RV Maintenance Check

The longer you plan to be on the road or camping, the more likely you are to encounter mechanical problems. What’s the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”

As was the case with RV roof repair and RV coating, they are certain mechanical issues you can identify with a simple RV maintenance check. If you are not much of a mechanic, finding a professional to give your RV a good going-over would be worth the investment.

As a rule of thumb, a maintenance checklist should be employed. On that checklist should be items like

  • Checking plumbing fixtures
  • Making sure storage resources are secure
  • Checking of tires for tread and air pressure (don’t forget the spare)
  • Check all fluid levels and top off when needed
  • Check brakes
  • Check the RV’s electronic system
  • If cooking with propane, check propane levels
  • Check Detectors and Fire Extinguishers
  • Stabilize external items like ladders and antennas

Here’s a final tip. The enjoyment of your trip will be directly proportionate to the number of issues you encounter. By adequately preparing for your road trip, you can minimize the issues you are likely to encounter on the road.

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